The Best Product Reviews of 2010

February 2010 saw the launch of the new Tree Fort Bikes website.  Among the many key upgrades that we made, one of them was the addition of product reviews.  Love or hate the item, your review can influence other cyclists’ decisions on what are the best products on the market, and create a wealth of knowledge to help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

We got a huge amount of awesome reviews up on treefortbikes.com now, even after just one year.  Thank you so much to all of our customers who contributed.  Every review that comes in helps build a database of knowledge that makes your “one-stop shop” even easier. 

Here are what we thought were the “best” product reveiws of 2010 – hope they make you LOL and ROFL just like we did!


Product: Knog Kneevel Leather Full Finger Glove

Reviewed by: A Visitor

I love these gloves. I am a self supporting bike tourist/dissident and have a crazy beard.  These gloves convince people I am not a jihadist…


Product: Honey Stinger Organic Waffle

Reviewed By: mrfeti

I just had the pleasure of partaking in one of these tasty little morsels and I’ll admitt… MY TONGUE EXPLODED FROM FLAVOR OVERLOAD! If heaven were to have a flavor it would be the stinger waffle. It’s like someone took two thinly sliced waffles and glued them together with golden nectar, aka: delicious honey! And you know what they say about honey? It’s the food for the gods!

Today I found my new go to bar… not just for comfort food, but for the trail as well.


Product: Nitto Technomic 26.0 90mm Quill Stem

Reviewed By: nicanor

There aren’t a hell of a lot of nice-looking quill stems on the market, and if you want a tall one that doesn’t look like it was made by sea lions on laxative medication the Nitto Technomic might be your only option. Fear not, however, the lack of competition does not show in these Nittos. It is shiny, tall, puts handlebars in a comfortable position and, as a bonus, doesn’t weigh too too much.

My aim in buying the Nitto Technomic was to both bring my handlebars closer and higher – the distance from the top of the steer tube is similar. I would have rather bought all sizes and tried them all, but my guesswork seems to have paid off, and now my bike looks nicer and is more comfortable.

One small issue is the lack of a cover for the bolt on top. It looks great but you should probably smoosh some grease in there to prevent problems with moisture getting into your stem bolt / fork tube / etc.


Product: Titec H-Bar 25.4 Black Handlebar

Reviewed By: A Visitor

One phrase sums it up…. “Sexy Time”. Grip it and rip it. This thing has so many hand options I don’t even know where to begin. The only pain is the finding the right grip/tape option. I ended up using Brooks tape all the way around.

Keeps your hands occupied for when your minds not.


Product: Paceline Chamois Butter Sample

Reviewed By: dykhouse

It feels a little weird at first to slather this thick stuff all over the padding of your shorts and then ease it up into your nether regions. The cold is initially shocking, but after that you don’t even notice it is there. By the time you take off your shorts, it has completely disappeared! 

I used this extensively (even carrying some of these samples with me for mid-day reapplication) on a week-long, 475 mile tour across Iowa, and it worked wonders! I can’t recommend this enough for long road rides, or multiple days in a row.


Product: DeFeet Woolie Boolie Socks Charcoal

Reviewed By: A Visitor

My friend Joe and my girlfriend stole two pair of my Woolie Boolies now I have to buy more, I suggest that if you have woolie boolies hide them!!!!!  I use them for running, cycling and wearing my Birkenstocks when it’s cold.  Same thing happened with my olive oil soap, when you have something good everybody wants it!!!!!!!!!!  Woolie Boolies need to be guarded.


Product: Crank Brothers Split Front Quick Release Skewer

Reivewed By: hojiman

It’s a skewer. Woot! I bet you think this is cool and already have one or know someone with one and want to be like them. I was the latter guy at one time in my life. That is until I purchased the Crank Brothers Split Front Quick Release Skewer. Now I’m getting hit on so much on the trail. Not only by ladies- dudes too! I mean, I don’t swing that way – not that there’s anything wrong with that- but it is flattering. The other day I even had a rattlesnake jump up and try to take a closer look at the skewer. I don’t swing that way either. The Crank Brothers skewer is the right tool to let the others on the trail know you are serious about attracting all. This skewer is like aluminum pheromones. My only wish is that my rear hub wasn’t bolt on so I could get twice the attention.

Lady, dude and snake magnet- you absolutely cannot go wrong. Especially if you like being picked up by ladies snakes and dudes.

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