Thanks and More Thanks

This post is a conglomerate of sorts.  Think of it as three posts condensed into one (actually more like three posts that were just too short to post on their own…).

Blog Props

First off we’d like to give a huge thanks to our friend James over at GTWORT (Get to Work or Die Tryin’), who visited our shop location a couple weeks back and posted up a killer review of what he found.  He’s a really cool guy from LA and we were pumped to have him come by.  Check out his write up and awesome photography here.  Also, a big thanks to Snow Biker Chicago and More to Life than Bikes for your support as well.  You guys rock – thanks for keeping us afloat.

USA Today gave us a shout as well, which is downright awesome.  They’ve been covering the manufacturer pricing policies that have started a massive takeover of the entire retail industry, and featured us as one of the companies effected by, and able to overcome, these policies that favor big business, retail giants, and big-box stores.  Check that story and video out here.

Ragin’ Raisin Dirt Classic presented by Tree Fort Bikes

We are pumped to announce an epic dirt road race coming early this Spring.  The Ragin’ Raisin Dirt Classic presented by Tree Fort Bikes is a wild and fun race in the hilly, grueling gravel roads of Manchester, Michigan.   Race as a team, as an individual, or do it just for fun.

This race is for all riders.  Mountain bikers: use it to get ready for the season.  Roadies: don’t bother ironing your kit, it will get dirty.  Cyclocross riders: get a hint of the cross race well out of season.  All other cyclists: choose between a 37 or 11 miler and be as competitive as you want.

The Ragin’ Raising Dirt Classic presented by Tree Fort Bikes is going to be huge.  Bring your family, friends, and be ready to chow at the after-party.  If we know anything, its bikes and partying!  Date set for April 16, 2011, with more info and website to come.

Tree Fort in the Islands

Lastly, if you’ve had trouble calling in last weekend, it’s because most of us we’re on a mandatory Tree Fort Bikes retreat.  At St Thomas.  In the Virgin Islands.  Yeah, it was pretty friggin sweet, as you could imagine.  In the next week or so we’ll have a photo diary of the amazing trip.

So a huge THANKS to Scott “Lord Admin” Mulder, the guy who builds the website, programs our shipping software, and lets his employees splash around in the warm waters of the Caribbean.  Scott had a pretty awesome time too.  This was what he looked like each night, after a day filled with sunshine and snorkeling, passed out in the hotel next to a pile of computer programming books.


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