The Offices of Tree Fort – Office 1: Alan

We despise cubicles and corporate America.  Our work space consists of one simple rule: if you want an office, you build it.  This leads our offices to be pretty creative, with such features as climbing walls, tapestries, and even a peep hole (more on that when we get to Adam’s office).  Starting now, and continuing every week, we’re going to post a video and some photos of each office until they’ve been exhausted.  You’ll get to see a little bit into our company and get to know each person and their space a little better.  Hope you have as much as fun with this as we did!

Office 1

We’ll start things off with Alan’s office.  Why?  Because he rocks.  His roles include:

  • Being awesome
  • Writing blog posts
  • Customer service
  • Web analytics
  • Wheel building

This office is located in the loft, with a ladder leading up to it.  While a great space for pretending to do work, its downsides include being extraordinarily hot in the winter when the heat is blasting.  Check it out!


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