Foundry Cycles – Interbike 2011

tf-_mg_4838 Foundry Cycles was introduced at Saddle Drive earlier this year, but stepped into the Vegas spotlight for its big stage debut at Interbike. A high quality, high performance, non-pretentious brand for those of us who dimply ride and ride hard. Designed around an ideal, Foundry is for those looking to ride without waving a flag of European designer trends and neon monstrosities that roll through the Tour de France. With a mantra of “It’s a tool, not a trophy”, it’s easy to know you’re not going to get hype and bull. The names of the bikes are indicative of the character they bring to the table. Upon first glance, most people see a no logos, no decals that scream “here I am”, but simply something built for a purpose.

We were first introduced to the brand by Foundry bike brand manager, Jason Grantz who was standing at the front of a room filled with retail owners and managers. To his right was a matte black cyclocross bike that pretty much stole the show. It was as if Johnny Cash had left his personal bike there. Mean and straight forward, it had a presences just like Mr. Cash had. Clean lines, disc brakes and a Sram drivetrain, this bike was either going to kick the trails ass, or yours, your choice.

Foundry Cycles is hitting the market with 3 types of bikes; road, mountain and cross. Each bike brings something to it’s respective category that is heavily saturated by bikes that could be featured at The Sharper Image or in the window of your local Gap. We have a feeling we’ll be hearing some big announcements before the end of the year regarding Foundry! Here is a brief run down on what is being offered.

Router – 29″ Mountain

Foundry Cycles Router The Router is built on a chassis that would make even the most seasoned UAW member proud. You wouldn’t know it, but this bike touts an incredibly light frame. Second lightest production frame available, to the best of our knowledge. But that doesn’t matter because it’s tested as if you’re going to treat it like the foreman’s Ford F350 at the local construction site. Aggressive angles  in the geometry have it handling faster than any 29″ bike we’ve ridden.

The Router will be available as a frame, as well three builds. The builds will feature Sram X7, X9 or XX groups with Rock Shox forks.

Auger – Cross (Disc / Canti)

Foundry Cycles Auger The Auger is pack leader. Why? Because those who have the mindset to ride it are not afraid to get it dirty or throw it into a rocky corner that might result in a few scraps. It’s a race bred tool that will aggressively attack the terrain like a jet black locomotive from an old western. The Auger has strong, clean lines and comes in two main flavors; Disc or Canti. Both styles will be available as framesets, as well as two builds. Build 1 will be Sram Red/Force group while Build 2 will be outfitted with Sram Rival.

Ratchet – Road

Foundry Cycles Ratchet When was the last time you walked into the local hardware store and saw a hammer with a neon blue, orange and white handle and 7 logos plastered on it? Ride the Ratchet down the road and it’ll be hard for anyone to make the comparison between you and Lance Armstrong. The Ratchet is for riders who have a purpose, a reason to be out on the road and need a bike that will accommodate. The geometry is designed to give a rider the comfort and speed for long centuries, but will also let you put the hammer down and let your legs do the talking. The Ratchet will be available in two builds, a theme through most the Foundry bikes. Build 1 will be Sram Red equipped bike while a Build 2 bike will be sporting a Sram Force group.

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