Brooks B17 Leather Saddle

Brooks B17 Standard with Black Rails A great deal of reviews have been posted all over the Internet for these saddles. Handmade in England, Brooks has been in the saddle business since 1866., almost as long as the bicycle as been around. One thing that speaks volumes about this saddle is how it’s presented on their site. They have a column for unsolicited testimonials and a column for unfiltered criticisms. If that type of presentation doesn’t sell it self I don’t know what will. The same holds largely true for our site as well. The reviews left by folks are always what sells.

The B17 is the flagship standard and has been on the market for over 100 years. It comes in options for the ladies as well as the men. There is also a “Special” version which features copper rivets as well as a Titanium version which makes use of ti rails and hand hammered copper rivets.

Like most of the Brooks saddles, and any find leather good, it takes a while to break these in and find the long perfect shape. Being leather, that’s exactly what it does, it conforms to you as it breaks in! Some folks feel that it breaks in after just a few rides, where many find that a longer break in period is needed.

The B17  Standard Men’s saddle has measurements of 275mm length, 175mm width, 65mm height and weighs in at 520g. It’s ideal for long distance sport touring with many using it for trekking and mountain biking as well.

Unless you’re vegan like several of our staff members, more than likely you’ll enjoy the ride of this saddle. If the above usage doesn’t quite cover your intended use, worry not. They have a wide range of saddles that should fit just about every cycling need. Check it out here.

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