Foundry Launch Party Recap


With the public introduction back in December, last night was our chance to celebrate Foundry Cycles. We were fortunate to be able to pull Jason (Foundry Brand Manager) and Rob (Foundry Sales Manager) away from the everyday routine for a night of talking about bikes over beer and nachos. It was a great opportunity for the local market to finally get to see the bikes up close and in person and meet just a few of the folks who have made it possible. In addition to the bikes, Whisky Parts Co. was kind enough to send along some new production handlebars, seat posts and forks for everyone to drool over. And Honey Stingers was gracious enough to send along waffles for the Jarod Toss.

Foundry Cycles

Foundry Launch Party @ Tree Fort Bikes It was a unique opportunity not only to show off the line of bike, but also to show off the progression of the line. On hand was a raw, blank Auger (cross) from the prototype phase, a Ratchet (road) that had been painted in the test phase when they were still deciding on the final aesthetic, and the Router (mtb) in the full production paint and decal scheme.

Each of the bikes was a hit in it’s own way captivating a different audience but giving everyone something to long for come this spring. One impressive little number was 20.1. That’s the number in pounds. that the Router weighed in at. A simple 1×10 drive train, rigid Whisky Fork, Noir cranks and Stan’s wheels. You could very easily drop the weight on that bike to 18lbs without spending crazy money. And all this was done on a 29′er! View the Full Line

Whiskey Parts Co.

Foundry Launch Party @ Tree Fort Bikes In addition to the Foundry bikes that were on display, we also had a small sampling of the Whisky Parts Co. line of products. Whisky is a cut from a similar cloth as Foundry, but where it deviates is that Whisky is being positioned as a OEM and aftermarket brand. They are currently producing carbon products such as forks, handlebars and seat posts that will rival the top end gear from companies such as FSA, Ritchey, Truvativ and Niner. Look for their brand to be showing up on stock bikes starting in 2013! One little tidbit that we were incredibly impressed with was the demand. We asked about seat post availability and were told the first production run sold out in 6 hours. Check out the entire line.

The Jarod Honey Stinger Toss

Foundry Launch Party @ Tree Fort Bikes Before reading this section, make sure you read our description for the Honey Stinger Organic Stinger Honey Waffle Box/16. Now that you’ve read and become familiar with that, you can read on with confidence. One of our favorite customers, Jarod, was always stopping in for a box of waffles so we thought it’d be fun to include a waffle toss at the party in his honor. Honey Stingers was kind enough to help us out by sending us a few boxes for the event and Jarod was sport enough to come in and get some photos for the cut out. The goal, toss a waffle into his mouth and win a pint glass! It was a bit tougher than it looked.

Final Thanks!

First up, we’d like to thanks the boys at Foundry Cycles for helping make this happen, without killer product and unbelievable support from their team, we wouldn’t be talking about them. Next up is a huge thanks to Cory and the entire team at Honey Stingers for helping make the event fun by sponsoring the waffle toss. Third, the event wouldn’t have been what it was without some music and we are greatly appreciative of Dante LaSalle for taking a night out to come spin some tunes. There is also Mr. Jarod who needs to big thank you for allowing us to turn him into a giant cartoon headed game. And last but not least, I have to thank the staff here at Tree Fort for helping make it possibly by setting up and assisting everyone who came through the door.

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