Jagwire Disc Brake Multi-Tool

Jagwire Disc Brake Multi Tool One of the most fun parts of the winter months is adding new products to our online catalog and finding hidden gems in the mix. One such product that we wanted to take a minute and highlight is the Jagwire Disc Brake Multi-Tool. One of the stand out features that is that it covers a short list of multiple purposes, all while remaining a component specific tool. Most “multi” tools try to do to much while cramming it into an almost unusable package. Don’t be fooled by the the multi tool name attached here, it is still very much an everyday shop tool that you’ll find in a tool box or on a work bench.

Jagwire Disc Brake Multi Tool Produced from hardened steel, the tool itself measures in around 7″ in length and uses a rubberized grip so the tool won’t slip out of your hand and chip the paint on your chainstay. Compared to Park’s DT-2 rotor tool, the Jagwire Disc tool allows you to spread the pads without having to reach for a second tool, which is often a screwdriver. In addition, it also comes with a pad spacer and bleed block for servicing your disc brakes, which clip conveniently on to the ends of the tool for storage.

Jagwire Disc Brake Multi Tool What really caught our eye was the ability to toss this in your glove box or travel tool kit and have it ready to keep you riding. How often have you pulled up to the trail and found that your brake lever had been squeezed or bumped? Now you scramble to find a screwdriver, multitool or heck, even a stick to pry those pads back apart. If you’ve planned ahead, just reach into your tools and grab this guy, press the pistons back into place, space the pads appropriately and you’re ready to ride.

Overall, the Jagwire Disc Brake Multi Tool is a solid offering that will give you the ability to tackle some of the tougher disc brake problems without having to commandeer lesser tool for the job. It’s equally at home on the work bench or out in the car/truck and should last you through the year.


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