Finish Line 1-2-3 Starter Kit

Finish Line Starter Kit

The Finish Line Starter Kit is a great way to get started on the basic maintenance plan. There is no arguing that most cyclist don’t take proper care of their bikes, and who can blame them. If it’s nice, go ride. However it does take it’s toll on the equipment and leads to higher replacement and repair costs.But with this starter set, it give you all the basics to use towards maintaining your drivetrain. It also makes an inexpensive gift for just about any cyclist.

Included in the set are a 4oz. bottle of Finish Line Mutli-Degreaser, a Finish Line Grunge Brush and a 2oz bottle of Finish Line Dry Lube. Each provides and accounts for an important step in maintaining your drive train. Braking down the dirt, cleaning the dirt away and lubing which protects your drivetrain from wear and tear and keeps it running smooth.

Here’s a really simple break down:

Step 1 – Cleaning

  • Lightly drip the Multi-Degreaser onto the chain
  • Rotate drivetrain backwards to allow to evenly distribute

Step 2 – Grunge Removal

  • Using the “Grunge Brush” scrub the chain, cogs, chainrings and pulleys
  • Once grim had been broken free, wipe clean with a rag

Step 3 – Lube and Ride!

  • Lightly drip “Dry Lube” onto the chain
  • Apply conservatively, over lubing leads to excess dirt build-up
  • Rotate drivetrain backwards to allow to evenly distribute
  • RIDE!

Overall this is a really simple straight forward way to get started towards keeping yourself on the trail. We would recommend having an extra rag or two to assist in steps 2 and 3 but it should give you everything you need without them. At an MSRP of $19.99, it’s a solid package deal when you consider that the brush and lube alone total the same price. We’ve been using each of these products individually in the shop for a lot of repairs, so it’s nice to see a package which offers the same tools for our customers.

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