Topeak RideCase iPhone Case


The Topeak RideCase iPhone case and mounting bracket is a pretty solid offering from Topeak. The case and mounting bracket can bring a welcomed addition to your daily commute with a few hidden surprises. It makes a nice everyday case that can be slipped onto the bike in the blink of an eye and have you off riding in no time. Of course all that doesn’t come without a bit of a back story of our initial impressions.

Originally when I had opened the box to take photos for the product online, I was disappointed and felt let down. I showed one of our buyers as he had mentioned it several times to me and he was in the same boat as myself. We had questions about the design and weren’t excited about selling them. None the less, I proceeded to mount the phone in the case and the bracket to the steer tube/stem. Once it was mounted on the bike, I felt a little red in the face and went back to our buyer to show him. He was also pleasantly surprised at entire product.

Topeak Ridecase for iPhone 4/4s The case snaps cleanly onto both iPhone 4 and 4s’ with ease. Installation and removal of the case do tend to bump the vibrate switch, but since you probably won’t be taking this on and off on a regular basis, this isn’t much of a sticking point. The case is nice and thin and doesn’t create a lot of bulk like a number of cases on the market. It is however, a harder material so it may not absorb some of the shock like a soft silicon coated case. The case has a thin carbon backing plate used for some protection and a nice aesthetic. One of the little bonus features is that you can easily replace this with a design of your own as long as it remains thin enough to fit under the phone. Perhaps cut the side of your favorite tall boy and proudly display your beverage of choice?

Topeak Ridecase for iPhone 4/4s The mounting system is where things getting interesting. After taking it out of the package and holding in our hand, we had serious doubts that it would amply support the iPhone and keep it from bouncing off the stem. It wasn’t till we mounted it to a bike that our confidence was changed. When tightened down, the mount is indeed sturdy enough to carry our iPhones with confidence. The interface between the case and the mount is solid and secure with the bracket having good tolerances. Another hidden bonus that we noticed was that you can mount your phone in an upright position and use it to capture video of your ride.

Topeak Ridecase for iPhone 4/4s The only small let down was the included protective shield that’s designed to slip onto the phone. The fit was adequate and allowed the rider to use the touch screen, but the silicon case will lead to a false sense of weather protection and will attract dust to the soft surface. If you’ll be riding in adverse condition, we recommend checking out the Topeak Phone DryBag. The other downside is that it muffles the audio should you be using turn by turn navigation or are waiting for an important call.

One a side note, the mounting system does require a star nut for the mounting bracket as it replaces your current top cap. One small issue we foresee for some folks is that it does require a little bit of extra torque to comfortably secure the bracket in place. We recommend adjusting your headset, locking it in place with your stem then installing this product. Also make sure not to apply to much force as it could pull the star nut loose in some scenarios.

Overall the RideCase is a really nice offering for Topeak and we can see why it won the 2012 RedDot Design Award. It’s a great case for everyday use and provides you with a new tool for your everyday riding. We recommend it for commuting, road and touring riding as it’ll provide a nice perch for your phone should you be using it to track your rides.


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