Steel Wheels Spokesongs Tour Retrospective

The Steel Wheels
Our good friends, The Steel Wheels, recently posted up a video retrospective of their bike tour that we were proud to help support last year. For most of us, riding 600 miles in 11 days is enough. But for these gents, it was only the start, they also played 10 shows in that time span while also carrying all their gear. More than your typical bike touring gear mind you, we’re talking guitars, fiddles and even an upright bass along with all their personal things.

This tour started in nearby Ann Arbor, made it’s way to the west side of Michigan, onto Chicago before finishing up in Indiana. Since the release of their current album, they’ve been making their way up the Americana Airplay chart. They are currently charting in the Top 20!

Check out the video, we particularly like the team work in getting the upright bass trailer up onto the sidewalk.

For those who are wondering, the song in the video is called “Nola’s First Dance” and was written by Jay for his daughter Nola. It’s featured on their new album, “Lay Down, Lay Low“, which was just released on March 6th.


Back in 2010, one of our guys at the time, Alan, came to us with an idea that we help support and sponsor these guys as they embarked on their first tour. Originally it was just Trent and Jay, but it has since grown to the entire band, plus a few.

Free Music

They’ve even been kind enough to provide a free download from the album. The track is called “Rain in the Valley”. It’s an a cappella tracking featuring all the members of the band.

“Rain in the Vally”Download


Here’s some links to the band and a few previous posts that we’ve written about them.

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