Interbike 2012 Photos Day 1

Each year, we cover Interbike, looking for unique products that will add to the cycling experience. This year is no exception. We’ve found unique updates to standard tools from Park Tools, performance saddles at great prices points from Planet Bike as well as new rubber from Schwalbe Tires.We’ll also be posting videos from some of our most popular brands highlighting a few key products coming for the 2013 season.

Park Tools

One of the very first booths we stop at each year is Park Tools to see what’s new for the coming year. As usual they didn’t disappoint. To celebrate their 50th Anniversary, Park is doing a special edition AWS three way. While this tool might not be for the every day mechanic, it’s a great way to celebrate the long loved brand. It features a blue alloy handle and gold plated hex wrenches.

The new AV-5 axle and spindle vice insert is a great update to accommodate a lot of different shapes compared to the standard round mounts of old. It’s designed to hold most common round shapes between 5 & 36mm, square pieces and Park 1″ freewheel tools in the center. These are slated for a mid October release and should run about $35.

For the serious home mechanic or a shop, the INF-1 is an inflation head that is for use with most air compressors. While it has a lot of standard features that are expected on a tool of this style, what was notable was the heft and construction. Compared to lower priced alternatives, this seems ready for the daily demands of a full service shop. It inflates up to 160 lbs and has a release valve incase you over inflate. We are told these should be available around the first week of November at a price of $140.

And last but not least, Park has two new chain tools that are worth mentioning. First up is the CT4.3. The highlight here is the tools compatibility with newer, narrower chains as well as Campy 11. Tucked away on the underside of the handle is a Peening bit that is used for installing the pins on the Campy systems. The only note here on compatibility is that it doesn’t work with Wipperman chains. And last but not least is the CT-3.2. This is an updated version of the CT-3 which has been one of our best sellers for some time. The new updated model has done away with the 4 ridge system that was used to align different width chains and now has a single sliding ridge. This makes the tool compatible with just about any chain out there. However, we’d still recommend the new peening feature on the CT-4.3 for Campy chains.

Planet Bike

Planet Bike makes quality products that are really well priced and just simply work. They continue to develop, update and redesign their line of accessories all while giving to cycling advocacy. A few key products that we think are going to be really well received are the new performance saddles and the tri style feed bag.

These new saddles come in two models. A intro level Comp and the performance packed Pro. Both feature a similar low profile flat design that is definitely geared towards sport and performance riders. The Comp features alloy rails and the same saddle shell as the Pro. This saddle will retail for $58.The new Pro saddle is one that will catch a lot of eyes. It weighs in around 275 grams, features Titanium rails and will retail for $75.

As triathlons and adventure riding continue to grow, fuel boxes are becoming hugely popular. These are simple little bags that strap to the top tube and steer tube for carrying your food and nutrition. While it’s not outright exciting, but a product with noting is the Snack Pack. Compared to many of the similar priced options, this thing is incredibly easy to access. It has dual zippers to allow for a nice wide opening when your cruising down the road. And for $17, it’s a great way to keep food out of your pockets, weight off your back and leave everything easily accessible.

Salsa Cycles

Salsa introduced a lot of their 2013 bikes some time ago. In fact, all of their 2013 products are already up on their website. What’s interesting here and why we’re showing photos is because the guys at Salsa had their personal bikes on display. Check it out, there’s some cool setups here.

Schwalbe Tires

Schwalbe has a few new tires coming for the 2013 season. We were able to get some video coverage which we’ll be adding in the next few days. In the mean time, we’ll stick to the info that most people want to know. We hope you enjoy bullet points! (In order of photos)

Winter Tire

  • Active Line
  • Kevlar Guard
  • 12o studdes
  • 26 and 700c versions available

Big Ben and Little Ben

  • Big Ben – Active Line
  • Big Ben – Kevlar Guard
  • Big Ben – 700 x 50
  • Little Ben – Performance Line
  • Little Ben – Race Guard
  • Little Ben – 700 x 40

Rocket Ron

  • PaceStart Triple Compound
  • Tubeless Ready
  • SnakeSkin

Smart Sam

  • 29 x 2.25″
  • Performance Line
  • Dual Compound

Rocket Ron (Cross)

  • 700 x 33
  • PaceStar Triple Compound

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