45Nrth Wolvhammer – Interbike 2012 (VIDEO)


Winter riding isn’t for everyone. It takes a special breed to really, truly enjoy a good winter ride. That’s where 45Nrth comes into the picture. Products for those who understand the demands and pleasures of a good cold weather ride. And that’s exactly who their gear is designed for.

The Wolvhammer has been getting a lot of press coverage and rave reviews. We just had to see for ourselves and you know what, it didn’t meet expectations. It EXCEEDED them. Yes, I just used capital bold letters to scream at the readers. But this shoe is worth that kind of reader abuse. Get this, they guys at 45Nrth estimate 10% of the boot cost is wrapped up in the insole. That’s the level of attention to detail they have paid.

Here’s a break down in video form of the features of this boot.

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