Niner Cogalicious RDO Ti Single Speed Kit

Niner Bikes Cogalicious RDO Ti Cog total kit weight 62 grams

This week, stock arrived for the all-new Niner Bikes’ Cogalicious RDO Ti Cog. Designed for top-end performance, the kit features a machined Ti cog, aluminum spacers and aluminum lock ring.

The cog is spec’d at 26 grams, but our sample weighed 28 grams; the complete kit weighs in at 62 grams. Niner provides enough spacers of various widths to let you fine-tune the cog position. Tooth position on the cog is thoughtfully designed, too — the teeth are offset just a hair to allow you to flip it and dial-in that fit just a little better.

Compared to the alloy cog that Niner offers, the Ti has a slightly taller tooth profile and more-even tooth width from tip to base, as opposed to the slightly tapered teeth on the alloy cogs.

With a handy spare parts tin included, the RDO Ti Cog Kit makes both a great holiday gift and a handy assistant at the work bench, keeping track of those small screws and bearings.

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