Seen and Heard – Frostbike 2013

Frostbike is a both a trade show and a celebration of cycling culture and community. Organized by our friends at Quality Bike Products in Minneapolis, it’s an event showcasing new and otherwise seriously cool cycling goods, along with the folks who design and bring them to you. It was a privilege to be a part of this.

Check out our Frostbike photo tour, where you’ll find product sneak peeks for 2014 and other great gear that caught our eye.

2014 Macho Man Disc – All City Cycles

Gravel rides, commuting, singletrack — you can do a whole lot more with a cross bike than cross alone, and with their first foray into disc brake integration, All City continues to imagine just how expansive that list can be. Outfitted with Hayes CX 5 brakes and Shimano 105 STI levers, the Macho Man Disc promises increased control through “wet climates, bum trails and gnarly descents,” addressing more challenging conditions where a rim brake setup might stutter. An artfully-designed steel steed for speed, the Macho Man Disc boasts internal cable routing on the top tube and all-new investment-cast dropouts. Available in June 2013 at $1795.

Macho Man Disc

Macho Man Disc - Rear

2014 Beargrease Carbon - Salsa Cycles

What could be cooler than a matte black and blazing blue, race worthy fat bike? Never one to disappoint, Salsa’s got the answer: an all-carbon fiber Beargrease, powered by one of the most efficient new drivetrains on the market. Race worthy? Fact.

If you can believe it, this will be even lighter than the current-year aluminum Beargrease, shaving about three-to-five pounds. The newly-designed, tapered carbon fork will mate to Holy Rolling Darryl wheels via thru-axle, a first for fat bikes. The rear will run a thru-axle, too, and because of this unique design Salsa will be including hubs with the frame sets. As for completes, we’ll be seeing a SRAM XX1 model ($5499 MSRP with XX disc brakes) as well as an X9 ($3499 MSRP with BB7′s).

Beargrease Carbon (courtesy Salsa Cycles)

Broadaxe Builds – Foundry Cycles

Okay, soon-to-come completes these are not, but we had to share the thrill. Here, the folks at Foundry show off their own custom Broadaxe builds: a Surly-inspired runs Rabbit Hole rims with a 3″ Knard tire up front; a SRAM XX1 kit with X0 brakes revs up build number two.

Broadaxe Custom Builds

X9 & X5 Fat Bike Cranks – SRAM

SRAM is next in line to bring us a fat bike specific drivetrain. With a 100mm spindle, these will come in 170 and 175mm crank arm lengths.

X9 Fat Crank (courtesy SRAM)

Prototype rims – Whisky Parts Co.

Whisky, component peddling cousin to Foundry cycles, is heading toward the wheel horizon. Here, one of their draft stage rims (and fork) currently undergoing width and profile tweaks.

Whisky Proto

One Hand Vacuum Mug – Stanley

Beverage containers don’t always get the limelight they deserve, and its the Stanley catalogue in particular that ought to be taking a bow. They may be everyday and backcountry classics, but this staid and sure stainless steel ware glints with genius modifications. Check out the updated One Hand Vacuum Mug with lid disassembly, a design to help you maintain a cleaner clean.

One Hand Vacuum Mug

Exercise Hydration Mix – Skratch Labs

Skratch Labs Mixes

The minimalist hydration products from Skratch Labs intend to help you get the most out of the water you drink, drawing on balanced mineral nutrition in lieu of excessive supplement doses. We’re told these mixes are made from real ingredients, and the jury seems to be in: their labels stay away from multi-syllabic mystery sugars. In fact, Skratch is getting the thumbs-up from the exercise driven as well as those who go to work in physically-demanding settings, like high-volume kitchens — certainly, that’s one endorsement that’s tough to argue with. Simple taste, simple concept, beautifully executed.

Pack-N-Pedal – Thule

Since purchasing the rights to Freeload, Thule set to work refining and expanding upon an already innovative carry system; the Freeload-inspired rack will take its place in an all new Pack-N-Pedal line, which will include panniers, bags, and other bike-mounted racks. Notice the rear rack’s adjustable chainstay mounts and the panniers’ flip feature, made to expose or hide mounting hooks for carry comfort when off the bike. While riding, a high-grade, rare earth magnet on the rack snaps to a paired magnet on the pannier, maintaining stability.

Thule Pack-N-Pedal

Big Dumb Cargo Kit – Surly

Nate from Surly showed us all the bells and whistles on this new outfit for Xtracycle cargo bikes, which would include, of course, Surly’s very own Big Dummy. You’ve got straps going across, cords going sideways, rain flaps rolling upways, and all kinds of good strong material to keep you in business for the long haul. Six-packs not included.

Big Dumb Cargo Kit - Surly

And a few more goodies

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