Announcing a hotter Tree Fort Bikes

All right — it’s nearly October, we’re heading into fall, and that means winter will be knocking soon enough. So here at Tree Fort, we made some plans to keep it hot.

This is an occasion that’s pretty close to our hearts. The maker behind the hot sauce is Matt Blauer, and as of this month, he’s also our former FedEx driver. Matt is one half of a local husband-and-wife team that’s made their dream come to life, taking their small-batch, homegrown sauces to full production and partnering with Michigan outlets like Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo — and as of this week, Tree Fort Bikes! Recently, Matt donated a dozen bottles for the lunch menu at Triple Trail 2013, where we kicked up nachos and chili to pretty darn rave review. Matt’s a long time tinkerer in the kitchen, using not only his own garden-fresh produce to tweak recipes to perfection, but also sourcing from local farmers to add specialty chiles to the mix.

We’ll be carrying both Mild Chipotle and Hot Habanero varieties. Catch the Tree Fort label bottles while supplies last.

Congrats, Matt, and welcome to the shop!

Read more about Livingston County’s latest pepper-preneurs at www.livingstondaily.com.

Matt and his wife, Mandy Tefft, at work in their home kitchen. Courtesy Livingston Daily

Matt and Mandy with their finished product. Courtesy Livingston Daily