Product Review: Park Tool BRT-1 Tool Pack

The Park BTR-1 is a simple idea.  It’s just a pouch that holds the basic necessities for a day out on the trail, but it’s actually pretty awesome.  What’s nice is the sheer simplicity, and the “everything you need, nothing you don’t” design.   Here’s what it comes with:

  • TL-4 Tire Lever Set
  • High Pressure Inflation Gauge
  • PMP-3 Micro Pump
  • IB-1 Multi Tool
    • 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex wrenches
    • Straight blade screwdriver
    • TB-2 Tire Boot
    • GP-2 Pre-Glued Patch Kit

These tools that Park selected are simple, strong, lightweight, and just work.  The tire levers are some of the best ones I’ve used.  The PMP-3 pump has enough power to fill up the PSI needed for mountain bike tires, and durable enough to be depended on for years.  The TB-2 and GP-2 tire boot and patch kit work well when needed, and are super clean and easy to use.   And The IB-1 is probably the best multi-tool ever.  The wrenches are durable and don’t twist like most multi-tool wrenches, and are secured tightly to the tool body so it doesn’t fall apart like other multi-tools on the market.  My IB-1 has lasted me three years in all weather conditions with no problems!

But what I like the best is the roll up tool bag.  It’s durable, convenient, and small enough to fit into a medium sized seat bag or jersey pocket.  I am a completely forgetful person, and I hated the 15 minutes of organizing before every trail ride where I would gather all my gear through a mental checklist.  Several times I have driven to a trail head just to realize I forgot my multi-tool, tire patch, or pump!  The BTR-1 eliminates that step – I just grab the tool pack and go.  And each tool has its place in the pouch, so you know quickly when something is missing.

Despite its simplicity, this kit has basically everything you need tool-wise for a day on the trail.  Just bring along a power-link for the chain, and you should be all set.

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