Triple Trail Challenge Highlights

Somehow Triple Trail just gets better every year.  Maybe it’s the excitement about riding trails otherwise closed to bikes and sharing the experience with over 300 other riders.  Or maybe it’s the delicious chili and beer combined with the cool free gear.  Whatever it is, there is no denying that Triple Trail rocks.

This was the year of mud.  Congratulations to those who didn’t slip out on the muddy clay climbs, or slid off the bridges, or both!

Tree Fort would like to extend thanks to all that made TTC a success once again – thanks Surly for the cool swag, and Arbor Brewing Company for delicious beer.  We would like to give a HUGE thanks to MMBA for your support and dedication to this event and preserving our trails in the region.   And thanks to all you riders for coming out and making Triple Trail Challenge an awesome ride year after year!

Man, I can’t WAIT for triple trail next year.

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