Interbike 2010 Day 1

2010 Interbike Crowd Picture

It’s that time of year again, time for companies to bring out new products, for retailers to plan orders for next season and consumers to drool over all the latest in bicycle tech. We are taking the opportunity this year to educate ourselves on all the new products available, building relationships with our vendors, and looking for even more ways to help provide you with the very best customer service we can.

One way we hope to help is by providing info on new products that may be overlooked by other media outlets. Often times products are reviewed and highlighted simply because they are the high end, high dollar items, while the more popular second and third tier level components are passed over. While these might be the most exciting products, they simply are not the components that most of us ride and use. Less “exciting” products such as tools, tires, racks, panniers and lights are items that we all use are often gear we didn’t know existed or never considered the value it could bring to the cycling experience.

We hope you enjoy the info, photos and video that we’re gathering and look forward to continuing to assist you with the same sport we all love.

Feedback Sports

With the popularity of the Sport Mechanic stand, one of the first stops we made this year was to see what was new at Feedback Sports. Two new products that were shown to us were a digital chain checker and wall mounted bike stand. Despite the digital chain checker being marketed towards pro mechanics, it’s a product that any serious cyclist could benefit from and utilize in the regular maintenance of their bikes.

Digital Chain Checker

Everyone who rides and has worn out a drivetrain so badly that it needs to replace, has experienced the costs associated with such a replacement of components. With the proper tools, even a home mechanic can check their chain for stretch and replace it before it causes the cassette and chain-rings to need replacing as well. Currently most chain checking tools available leave a level of subjective interpretation which can lead to uninformed decisions on what components to replace. Feedback’s new digital chain checking tool, gives you a digital read out which correlates to a range listed on the back of the device, giving you a clear suggestion of which components are in need of being replaced. At a listed retail of $79.99, this tool can prove to be invaluable when it comes to maintaining your gear, while saving you money in the long run!

Velo Wall Rack

A new product from Feedback Sports that is simple and inexpensive yet can really help declutter a garage or storage room is the Velo Wall Rack. This storage solution mounts flush to the wall and allows you to keep your bike off the floor and free from falling over. With low profile, rubberized frame rests, the Velo Wall Rack will hold your bike safely and with independently adjustable arms, it’ll fit nearly any frame shape or size. The $34.99 price tag is a great deal when you consider the cost of a replacement frame from having a bike fall over and either dent or crack the frame.


A lot has changed within the product line for 2011, and it appears all the changes have been driven by consumer demand. After talking with Steve, I was highly impressed with their overall response to what their customer base demands. As I was walked through the entire product line, all of the product updates and revisions were all done in a way to increase functionality while retaining the quality and affordability of the product.

The single largest update comes to the pannier line in the way the bag mounts to the rack, this system features a patent pending spacing design which they have found fits every single rack they’ve been able to test it on. It also allows easy topside access to a locking mechanism that keeps the bag from dislodging while riding really rough roads. These features can be found on all the new revised bags that they’ll be introducing in the near future.

Something that caught our attention and we think our touring/commuting customers will like is the all new Streamliner Pro Tour Inox rack. Based on the popular Streamliner design, the Pro Tour Inox has a stainless steel construction and features a patent pending modular foot design. Along with the modular foot design, this rack comes with all the necessary hardware to mount it to either traditional seat-stay eyelets or to the caliper mount.


New pedals coming out in March 2011. They use a design that is concave, it slopes away from the crank arm for a more natural fit, and is rotated 6 degrees heel in. Oddly, we can’t remember when someone has given so much thought to pedal ergonomics for a flat pedal.

2 new bio cork grips with bar ends. Initially they set up this whole “bio cork” thing for a project more or less fun. Bio cork uses all natural cork: instead of plastic they use grass fiber on the inner hard sleeve and all the rubber uses no petroleum based products, it’s all veggie.

This year they are delving into gloves and get this, all their gloves are designed to work in conjunction with a particular line of grips.


This year WTB really came through with the addition of 2 new high end saddles, they are meant to fit right into already existing lines. The Valcon Carbon Saddle has carbon rails and a carbon shell that is cut out for extra relief and weighs 165g at a MSRP of $249.99.

The new higher end Silverado features carbon rails and weights 158g at a MSRP of $250.

We were very impressed with their new wheelsets, the Stryker TCS Cross Country is a $1100 that weighs in at just 1470g is deigned as a tubeless ready wheel set for use with the WTB’s TCS tubeless design. This is the same wheel set that was raced to a 1st place victory by Mark Weir at Downieville Classic Downhill.

They also have the more enthusiast level Speed TCS Cross Country is a $475 wheelset that weighs 2000g and comes tubeless ready with rim tape and valve.


This year Surly has updated most of the bikes with a new toptube design that uses a gusset instead of a curved toptube which makes it stronger all while allowing the same stand over as the old models. They also introduced a Long Haul Trucker with S&S couplers. It only comes in 26″ wheels but is available in a full size run.

They now make a 135mm Pugsley front specific hub so you no longer need to run a rear hub on the front.

They have a crazy sturdy trailer that can carry 300lbs, and comes in 2 lengths 32″ and 64″

This year Surly is upgrading many of their disc ready frames to a new drop out that will no longer require you to loosen the caliper to remove the rear wheel.


Road/Cross Tires

Kenda now offers the Slant 6 and Happy Medium as 2 new tread designs for their cross tire line. The Slant 6 will have their iron cloak belt, which is reinforced under the tread for better puncture resistance. Both of these tires are coming with the new SCT, which is kenda’s new sealant compatible rubber design which will be making its way to the mountain tires in the near future.

Kenda seems to be going after the road market more heavily with the new Kountach & Kaliente Pro, both high-end performance tires. The Kaliente Pro has the Iron Cloak from bead to bead while the Kountach has the Iron Cloak Belt, that is just reinforced under the tread. These come in several different colors and both tires feature the companies new R2C performance-driven rubber compound. Initial pricing has these tires coming in at $45-$60 MSRP although once available they price may vary.

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