Interbike 2010 Day 2

Day 2 of Interbike is always a long day of hard work. Gone is the first day of overwhelming excitement, sensory overload and what can only be described as controlled chaos. Today we found some very well thought out, well designed products from familiar brands, as well as a few new friends that we just met. Today we highlight the new products coming from Cateye, Planet Bike, Pacific Outdoors Equipment, Lezyne, Kuat.., Saris, GoPro, Sugino, Kenda and Rocky Mounts.


When we think of Lezyne around here we immediately think precision oriented.  Visiting them at Interbike 2010 and walking through their booth certainly did not let this opinion down.  We were impressed  through their entire line with how well they have thought through every little issue that may arise while using the pumps, tools or accessories they make.

Cat Eye

Cat Eye is synonymous with high quality computers around here at our shop, but often overlooked are the great lights they put out.  This year they have added some innovative and some cute lights to their line-up.  Both of which we expect to be great sellers over here at Tree Fort Bikes.

Planet Bike

Planet bike simply rocks. Not only do they obviously love biking, but they give back to the sport through direct donations to bicycle related organizations.  Their booth made us want to sit down and have lunch with them at their picnic table (complete with bird !#@&!).  They actually took their company picnic table to the show.  Now that is rad! We were super impressed with their line additions this year and we’ll let the pictures and captions do the talking.  Particularly impressive though were the concave bamboo fenders that go so much further than other bamboo fenders we have seen.

Pacific Outdoor Equipment

Pacific Outdoor Equipment typifies the easy going company we would expect from the West Coast and made us want to work with them even more. Not only that seeing their bags first hand, many of which we had never seen made us want to own more of their line for ourselves.  Waterproof is the name of the game for them.
This year we were very impressed with the low profile and highly waterproof LTW Boot and LTW Front Boot.  As shown below they seem to fit a rack perfectly and with the purge valve you can almost vacuum seal your gear inside and keep it dry all day long even when you face monsoon level rains. Going ultra light we liked the LTW Panniers.  These things live up to their light weight name and being waterproof adds to their allure.

Rocky Mounts

Rocky Mounts have always impressed us with their quality to price ratio.  We use many of their tray’s and fork mounts on our own cars here at Tree Fort Bikes. This year they have really broke through with one of the best designs for a hitch mount rack that we have ever seen.  This thing makes mounting irregular bikes completely easy and removes the problem with being able to take out the inside bike while another bike is in the way. Oh, yeah and we bought 1200 of their fork mount racks.  We’ll have a great deal on those for you shortly!


Honestly we were not planning on stopping by Kuat.. at first.  Not because we don’t like them, but because we simply lost them in the shuffle.  After we walked past their booth though it became apparent that we had made a big mistake.  They have some of the best feature packages when it comes to hitch racks that we have seen anywhere.  Their Envy rack has everything and the kitchen sink included, and we mean everything. This thing comes with cable locks built into each tray, no frame contact mounting and, get this, it even has an extremely usable repair stand built right in!  Can you say bang for your buck?

Click the photos below for some added bonus items and get the scoop on each.

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