Interbike 2010 Day 3 – part 1

Day three in our mad dash through the bike industry and dash did we ever. Today we did speed dating with Shimano, Yakima, CamelBak, Formula, Cane Creek, Twin Six, Formula, e.13, Chub Hubs, TRP, Ortlieb, Garmin, Crank Brothers, Continental, Thule, SRAM, Avid, Rock Shox and Schwalbe. This was by far the most productive day and we want to thank all of these great brands for taking the time to walk us through their latest and greatest gear.

Due to the extreme amount of photos and info collected we are going to break up Day 3 into a few parts so be sure to keep checking back over the next few days for the inside scoop and great photos on the latest gems from the brands we spoke with.

In this part we’ll be focusing on Cane Creek, Schwalbe, CamelBak, Thule and Yakima.

Cane Creek

This year the entire line has been completely redesigned


They have a new AngleSet which gives you the ability to fine tune the headtube angle on 1.5″ or tapered headtubes.  The 1.5″ headtubes can actually have two offset spacers inserted giving you up to 3 degrees of adjustment to your headtube angle.  Other tapered headtubes will give you the ability to use a .5, 1 or 1.5 degree spacer which can be oriented forward or backward to slacken or steepen as you see fit. To allow the angled adjustment to happen they rely on a radius in the spacer which exactly matches a rounded gimbal to create a taper lock by slightly overloading the tension on the headset while preloading the headset during installation.  These headsets are mainly designed to work with 1 1/8” steerer tube forks, however the 1.5″ headtube could accommodate a taper crown fork. Very cool stuff considering that up until now you were stuck with exactly what the manufacturer welded together for a headtube angle.

Forty Series

S –series and XX headsets are completely removed and they are replacing them with the 40 Series. All upper and lower sections are sold separately in order to allow for them to accommodate the 30 different tapers that are currently in production with frame makers. They are able to handle 95% of these combinations with 4 tops, 2 bottoms and a couple of conversion crown races.  They combined all of the good features from the two previous series and trickled down technology from the 110 family. One nice feature for the home mechanic is in the captured compression ring they use which gets rid of some of the headache during install. Overall this group is much improved and they kept the price the same, which is always nice!

110 Family

Cane Creek set this headset family up to be simple and understated in design, a bit curvy but simple in the graphics. They are cut and completed right in North Carolina out of 7075 T6 aluminum. The engineers designed a new seal system for the top cap that completely traps and seals out dirt with a U-shaped seal.  The press fit bearing is gone and is now completely serviceable.  The bearing has an O-ring to give it a solid connection and keep a press fit feel even though you can pop it right out.

The 110 line now has the ZS-49 model which is a flush mount option replacing the current Double XC Flush headset and giving you the ability to use your old 1 1/8” fork in an over-sized headtube.

Also in the 110 series Cane Creek has introduced the TR-44. This headset will give riders the option to run a tapered steer tube fork in a standard 1 1/8″ Zero Stack headtube. They accomplish this by using an external lower bearing cup with a reduced insertion diameter to accept the tapered steerer. All of this was accomplished while only gaining 8mm of stack height. This will open up the option of upgrading to a tapered steer tube fork for many riders with bikes that otherwise would never have been able to accept them.

AER Headset

Road wise they have gone way light getting their bearing down to 1.5 grams, this is a completely insane design. Many companies are starting to spec this headset on their uber light models. Just know that the bearing is a wear item that will get around 4000 miles all while continuously feeling better over the life of the bearing.


Thule introduced a really nice trunk / hatch mount rack called the Raceway that uses very thin rubber covered steel cables called their Sure-Tight to cinch the rack to the car and get it ultra stable and solid connection to the car.  They have also updated their base hatch / trunk racks to make them easier to use with a quick rotating center flange to speed up adjustment.

The really shocking trunk rack they launched was the Raceway Platform which is a hatch / trunk based tray mount system.  This means that you can get the benefits of a tray mounting hitch system without the hitch. It uses their patented FitDial to give you a perfect fit for the vehicle every time. As with the Archway it uses the Sure-Tight ratcheting system. The Raceway Platform also comes with adjustable frame clamps to keep the frame stable and separate from the other bikes.


Antidote Bladder System
This year CamelBak has proven that yes you can make a better bladder… Something we sincerely doubted.  The bladder has an o-ring sealed hose coupling at the bottom so you can just pop the hose off to clean and hang the whole unit.  Inside there is a bridge in the center to give it some separation while drying and two wings fold down from around the opening simply to keep the whole thing from flattening out and failing to dry.  The feature we like most about the new bag is that they have a new 1/4 turn closing lid.  It seriously could not be easier to close!

Groove Filter Bottle
Camelbak’s Groove gives you on the go filtration right in the bottle.  The filter is plant based and removes chlorine and other contaminants.  It’s fully rebuild-able and give you two months of use.  Featuring the standard Better Bottle’s Big Bite Valve.


This year Yakima listened to customer feedback and adjusted their trunk / hatch mount racks to make them easier to adjust and more streamlined looking.  To us they seemed quite a bit less pieced together and more sophisticated looking.

KingJoe Pro
The adjustment lever and pivot point on the KingJoe Pro is much better looking than previous years and they added a large, grippy bumper to each of the car’s contact points to allow it to stay put better and look more unified.

This rack enters the thrall of light weight aluminum hitch racks this year up against Thule and Kuat..  The weight is lighter than Thule, heavier than Kuat.. but less money.  So choose it on price if you like the design and want to save a few bucks. Whatever you choose out of this new category it is truly awesome to see the weights of these boat anchors coming down.

Schwalbe Mountain Tires

Overall, only subtle changes were made to the mountain line up that Schwalbe was presenting. The single most notable addition the line was the tubeless sealant compatibility to all of the tires. This means you can now run all their tires with no concerns of aggressive sealant eating away at your tire.

In addition, Schwalbe, will be offering two new tubular tires to the Racing Ralph family. These new tires will come in Mountain and Cross variations to suit all the tubular fans out their. The only downside is the expected arrival of the tires is to be well after the cross season has come and gone.

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