Interbike 2010 Day 3 – part 2

Continuing our review of the day three mad dash through Interbike 2010 we are going to focus on the hidden gems from a few more of our favorite brands that we were able to talk with. If you haven’t checked out our previous posts from Interbike 2010 please click on our logo at the top to go back to the Tree Fort Bikes Blog main page and check out tons more coverage of many more brands.

Today we are focusing on Brooks, Crank Brothers, Ortlieb, Park Tools, Formula, Twin Six, e.13, Chub Hubs, TRP, Garmin and Continental.

Coming up… The Big Two shoot-out between Shimano and SRAM’s latest and greatest.

Crank Brothers

This year Crank Brothers continues their long standing tradition of attention to detail and simplistic refinement. As usual they shine while adding new items to their line and revamping their originals. Today we checked out new stems and seatposts, revamped Eggbeater and Candy pedal line, new grips and the new 29er Cobalt Wheel.

Cobalt Stem
You have to see this stem to know that we mean it when we say it’s simply sick looking. The beautiful design seems to completely ignore the same-old, same-old designs that many stem manufacturer has subscribed to for so long. To us it looks like a better way of doing things. Through all of their stems you can see that they have a very innovative wedge lock system to hold the stem in place and on the Cobalt they use it for both the bar and stem.

Eggbeater and Candy Pedals
They listened closely when customers asked for changes and these pedals specifically address three of those requests. First they have completely sealed the system to keep out dirt by threading the axle into the body at the end of the inside. The wings have received higher tolerances and a forged body all the way down to their 2-series level. The bearings on the 11, 1 and 2-series received a major upgrade to better needle bearings.

Iodine and Cobalt Grips
Grips are seriously not that exciting usually, but when Crank Brothers decides to do them it is decidedly different. Their Cobalt grip is for hunters of the ultra light. Weighing in at just 65 grams we are impressed. They achieve this feather weight by using a foam grip over a light weight core with aluminum lock-ons at each end. The Iodine grips are Krayton and give the standard rubber grippy feel with an extruded Crank Brothers logo pattern that we think will feel just fine on a ride. At 101 grams they’re not to shabby either.

See the rest of their latest and greatest in the gallery below.


New for Tree Fort Bikes is the German manufactured bag and pannier company, Ortlieb. All of their line features waterproof bags that are lightweight and rugged enough for everyday use. We will also be carrying their sister companies Tubus and Racktime. Tubus racks are premium quality and carry a 30 year hassle free warranty.


Wheelsets are their latest and greatest products. They do a 26in. tubular mountain rim that is unbelievably light and has a noticeably lighter rotational weight than the 26in. XC Race clincher version of their new wheels. They also make a 29er version of the XC Race wheelset.

They have shared their breakthrough hub system through the entire line and are using a titanium axle with Sapim straight pull spokes. The hub is able to be swapped between 9×10 and a 20mm axles both in titanium by swapping the end caps. Their hubs are super unique as they don’t rely on the freehub body supporting the outermost bearing load. They accomplish freehub longevity by casting the hub body extending the body all the way out to the end of the freehub shell. This means that the axle load is transferred directly to the hub body and not the freehub.

Formula’s brakes are continuing on but have a few features worth noting even though they have been around. The R1 brake simply looks stunning because of its Italian minimalism and attention to detail. It still occupies the champion seat as the lightest disc brake ever made and with an optional upgrade to their carbon lever it gets even lighter.

Their two piece rotor has stabilization ridges added to help hold the outer ring of the rotor in place and avoid the problems with play developing found often times in two piece rotors.


One new item for these guys is XCX seat-tube mount chain guides with either a high or low mount. They are mounted with an EBB type offset control to allow you to adjust the chainline for the ultimate precision.

Their downhill cranks have a huge 30mm spindle with a polygon format interface that matches what is used on Formula 1 race cars and tanks. They are using a huge external BB30 size bearings giving them 20% greater load bearing than a standard bearing.

Chub Hubs

TheChub Hub series is made with extremely large flanges to give you a super burly wheel while moving rotational weight toward the center. They are built with a huge carbon body fused to aluminum flanges. This allows you to build up wheels that are strong with less spokes or an extremely solid standard spoke count wheel. Decline Magazine says that these hubs build the best tracking wheels they have ever built.


TRP remained largely unchanged for 2011, but did add a few exciting new high end products that we think are going to be huge hits. The new RRL Brake lever is a high performance ergo fit for riders looking to fore-go gears and run a simpler setup. It will be available with carbon or aluminum lever blades. The 970 SL brakes have been revamped with a reinforced arm for stiffer braking compared to the previous version. And last but not least, is the 960 brakes, which are highly machined lightweight stoppers that are for the non-traditionalist high-tech crowd.

Twin Six

As we walked to one of our appointments, we walked by Twin Six and our eye was caught. A new brand that we are considering, Twin Six is an apparel brand that offers a standard line and seasonal line of jerseys, shirts, hats, socks, shorts and new for 2011 a branded frame steel touring frame. Their style and designs are very unique and step away from the norm when it comes to technical apparel. In addition, many of their designs have a back story which are fun to learn about. Remember in 2003 when Lance Armstrong had to take a detour off road to avoid a collision with Joseba Boleki, well Twin Six does.


Continental is introducing 3 new tire options to round out their already stellar lineup. First up we have the X-King which is designed to be a all-purpose tire covering just about all the range you would need on the trail. This tire will come in sizes ranging from 2.0 through 2.4 and be available in standard, Racesport, Supersonic, Protection, UST and 29 inch. Next we have the 2.3″ Baron which is designed as an aggressive downhill tire but for the crowd who may not always take the ski lift or shuttle to the top. Finally we have the 2.4″ Mountain King which is designed to push the limits and revolutionize the All-Mountain category.


Edge 800

The thing that caught our eye while looking through their GPS units is the Edge 800, which is available alone or with their optional performance navigation bundle  allowing you access to more detailed street maps and giving you a premium heart-rate monitor and a speed and cadence sensor.

Park Tool

For 2011 Park introduced a handful of new tools. Most of the new tools that were introduced are high end shop specific tools that run a pretty penny such as the $210 DT-4 Disc Post Facing Tool. We’ve chosen to highlight a few new tools that are directed towards the consumers for every day use. The new dummy pedal will allow you to make easy drivetrain adjustments without having to find a pedal to put in the crank arm. There is also the new IB-11 mini tool which has all the same features as the IB-1, but is 28% lighter. Check out rest below.

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