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Interbike 2010 – SRAM | Shimano Shootout

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Sram vs ShimanoIt took us a few days to sit back and digest the way’s in which SRAM and Shimano chose to approach their Interbike presentations. What we found was mainly that Shimano and SRAM both duke it out with huge adjustments to their lines by updating their shifting technology for 2011.

SRAM brought 10 Speed down to the X.7, X.9 and X.O and upgraded the technology downstream through their normal trickle down effect from last years top of the line components. Specifically they set up their X.O series with 2 x 10 and have given you a choice on the x.7 and x.9 to run either 2 x 10 or 3 x 10, revamped their Code brakes, and added a new adjustable height suspension seatpost called the Reverb.

Shimano added the new Dynasys technology throughout the upper tiers of their line. Dynasys brings you up to a 10 speed system and adds a smoother shifting rear cassette by keeping the same high and low range while removing the large jumps in the middle rings. Dynasys does not simply mean 10 speed though as they have completely redesigned the pickup systems and created a very specialized asynchronous chain by machining each side to a specific task.

Interbike 2010 Day 3 – part 2

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Continuing our review of the day three mad dash through Interbike 2010 we are going to focus on the hidden gems from a few more of our favorite brands that we were able to talk with. If you haven’t checked out our previous posts from Interbike 2010 please click on our logo at the top to go back to the Tree Fort Bikes Blog main page and check out tons more coverage of many more brands.

Today we are focusing on Brooks, Crank Brothers, Ortlieb, Park Tools, Formula, Twin Six, e.13, Chub Hubs, TRP, Garmin and Continental.

Coming up… The Big Two shoot-out between Shimano and SRAM’s latest and greatest.


Interbike 2010 Day 3 – part 1

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Day three in our mad dash through the bike industry and dash did we ever. Today we did speed dating with Shimano, Yakima, CamelBak, Formula, Cane Creek, Twin Six, Formula, e.13, Chub Hubs, TRP, Ortlieb, Garmin, Crank Brothers, Continental, Thule, SRAM, Avid, Rock Shox and Schwalbe. This was by far the most productive day and we want to thank all of these great brands for taking the time to walk us through their latest and greatest gear.

Due to the extreme amount of photos and info collected we are going to break up Day 3 into a few parts so be sure to keep checking back over the next few days for the inside scoop and great photos on the latest gems from the brands we spoke with.

In this part we’ll be focusing on Cane Creek, Schwalbe, CamelBak, Thule and Yakima.


Interbike 2010 Day 2

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Day 2 of Interbike is always a long day of hard work. Gone is the first day of overwhelming excitement, sensory overload and what can only be described as controlled chaos. Today we found some very well thought out, well designed products from familiar brands, as well as a few new friends that we just met. Today we highlight the new products coming from Cateye, Planet Bike, Pacific Outdoors Equipment, Lezyne, Kuat.., Saris, GoPro, Sugino, Kenda and Rocky Mounts.


Interbike 2010 Day 1

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

2010 Interbike Crowd Picture

It’s that time of year again, time for companies to bring out new products, for retailers to plan orders for next season and consumers to drool over all the latest in bicycle tech. We are taking the opportunity this year to educate ourselves on all the new products available, building relationships with our vendors, and looking for even more ways to help provide you with the very best customer service we can.

One way we hope to help is by providing info on new products that may be overlooked by other media outlets. Often times products are reviewed and highlighted simply because they are the high end, high dollar items, while the more popular second and third tier level components are passed over. While these might be the most exciting products, they simply are not the components that most of us ride and use. Less “exciting” products such as tools, tires, racks, panniers and lights are items that we all use are often gear we didn’t know existed or never considered the value it could bring to the cycling experience.

We hope you enjoy the info, photos and video that we’re gathering and look forward to continuing to assist you with the same sport we all love.


Triple Trail Challenge Highlights

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Somehow Triple Trail just gets better every year.  Maybe it’s the excitement about riding trails otherwise closed to bikes and sharing the experience with over 300 other riders.  Or maybe it’s the delicious chili and beer combined with the cool free gear.  Whatever it is, there is no denying that Triple Trail rocks.

This was the year of mud.  Congratulations to those who didn’t slip out on the muddy clay climbs, or slid off the bridges, or both!

Tree Fort would like to extend thanks to all that made TTC a success once again – thanks Surly for the cool swag, and Arbor Brewing Company for delicious beer.  We would like to give a HUGE thanks to MMBA for your support and dedication to this event and preserving our trails in the region.   And thanks to all you riders for coming out and making Triple Trail Challenge an awesome ride year after year!

Man, I can’t WAIT for triple trail next year.

Continue to reading for more pictures, click on the pictures for a larger view.


Product Review: Park Tool BRT-1 Tool Pack

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

The Park BTR-1 is a simple idea.  It’s just a pouch that holds the basic necessities for a day out on the trail, but it’s actually pretty awesome.  What’s nice is the sheer simplicity, and the “everything you need, nothing you don’t” design.   Here’s what it comes with: (more…)

2010 Triple Trail Challenge

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

No rain! As of 7:17 none expected until after 1:00pm.

Not raining as of 6:36am. We may have a few showers but please come ride and eat the chili after!

It’s that time of the year again. Warm up your legs, wash your chamois (please), and get ready to ride, eat, and drink yourself silly — no, its not your anniversary. It’s the infamous Triple Trail Challenge, 46 Miles of Hell, Michigan! In partnership with the MMBA and the Pinckney State Recreation Area, we bring to you the ultimate mountain biking experience in the region!

The ride starts at the Poto trailhead at Pinckney State Park, where you will meet the treacherous climbs and descents that Poto is known for, followed by the fast, rolling (gradually progressing into a few fun and brutal climbs), and scenic Waterloo, otherwise closed to bikes except for this one time per year. Then hang out at the corner store, follow a few roads to the Lakelands trail, and then find your way back to the Poto for an epic finish at Silver Lake with a party on the beach!

Don’t worry about registering early – registration is same day with no rider limit, so bring all your friends! Start time is 7 a.m. – 10 a.m.; food and drink starts at 1 p.m. and is free for all riders.

  • Event info, for those of you who like bulleted lists:
    • Date: Sept. 18th, 7:00 – 10:00 am start time
    • Food and drink served starting at 1:00 p.m. – free for all riders
    • Pre-registration available - registration is available same day, there is no rider limit. Or, you can print this form (save paper and share with a friend) and bring it with you.
    • Trail length: 46 miles with no organized rest stops. There is one corner store with food and drinks about half-way through.
    • Rain Date: Saturday September 25th
    • Camping Information
    • Triple Trail Course Map

Directions to 8555 Silver Hill Road, Pinckney, MI

  • From the South: Take US-23 North to North Territorial Rd Exit 49. Go West on North Territorial. Drive 10 miles, then turn right on Dexter-Townhall Road. Pinkney State Recreation Area entrance is on the Left.
  • From the North: Take US-23 South to North Territorial Rd Exit 49. Go West on North Territorial. Drive 10 miles, then turn right on Dexter-Townhall Road. Pinkney State Recreation Area entrance is on the Left.
  • From the West: Take I-94 East to US-23 North. Follow US-23 North to North Territorial Rd Exit 49. Go West on North Territorial. Drive 10 miles, then turn right on Dexter-Townhall Road. Pinkney State Recreation Area entrance is on the Left.
  • From the East: Take I-94 West to US-23 North. Follow US-23 North to North Territorial Rd Exit 49. Go West on North Territorial. Drive 10 miles, then turn right on Dexter-Townhall Road. Pinkney State Recreation Area entrance is on the Left.

Choosing the Right Rubber for the Trail

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Not getting the grip out of the tread that you need? Looking for something faster?  Maybe you’re a novice that needs some advice on tire choice?  Or an enthusiast riding on the trails with balding tires, putting off the change?

Here are some of our suggestions.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, and in no particular order – just a couple ideas to help you along your way. (more…)