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Tree Fort in St. Thomas

Monday, March 28th, 2011

In the middle of January the Tree Fort crew split from Michigan for some fun in the sun.  St. Thomas, Virgin Islands was our destination for ultimate relaxation in paradise.  There really is nothing quite like that place – clear warm salt water, green mountains sprouting up from the middle of the ocean, beautiful natural scenery, and fun times with great friends.  Amazing. Hopefully these photos and video from Adam and Jess help capture some of the surreality of the whole thing.

Product Test #374

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Digital Goodness Part 2!!!

Monday, March 14th, 2011

For all the digital media fans who like to customize their computers, here’s another new background that’s floating around the Tree Fort desktops. This was shot in So-Cal on a recent photo shoot I did for our upcoming catalog. I’ll be posting a large number of those shots on our Flickr page in the coming weeks as we wrap up the catalog and it begins to ship. Make sure you look out for other digital media coming as well.






iPhone 3gs and Older

Tree Fort Dirt Tracks Wallpaper

Tree Fort Dirt Tracks Wallpaper

Awesome commuting lights from Serfas!

Monday, March 14th, 2011

We just got a bunch of these new rear lights in from Serfas, the TL-200 and the Seat Stay Tail Light.  These are killer, especially for us commuters who need ultra bright lights so we can’t be missed.

  1. They’re super bright - there’s a lot of great lights out there, but these ones really pack in a HUGE punch.  The TL-200 uses TWO half wat LED lights, the Seat Stay light is a half watt – you can’t even look at the thing directly while its on for an extended period.
  2. They look awesome - both models use a stretchy rubber band that fits easily around the narrowest or biggest tubes for easy seatpost or stay applications.  Put it on quickly at night, take it off during the day.  No hassle.
  3. Under $30?!?Yep!

Serfas has always made good stuff.  Nothing too flashy, just simple, affordable, and great quality.  I know I’ll be using the TL-200 for all my night riding this Spring!

CLICK HERE for the Serfas TL-200

CLICK HERE for the Serfas Seat Stay Tail Light

I knew it would be a bad idea … (or – SKS P45 Fender Review)

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

… to try riding on a dirt road yesterday.  It didn’t really feel like riding on dirt or gravel – it was more like riding on top of a giant freshly wet oil painting.  The tires were sticking and sliding at the same time, with the slick and gritty mud slipping underneath as the tread attempted to grasp on.  My new drivetrain sure didn’t appreciate that.   It didn’t take long for the factory lube to strip right off the chain and leave behind a continuous crunching while I spun.  It felt kind of like eating a really good sandwich on the beach.  It tastes so delicious, even though sand is blowing into your food and with each chew you have to crunch through it just to enjoy the overall experience.

But it could have been worse, that is, without the P45 fenders by SKS.  I installed these just for this type of situation and am completely impressed with them through and through.   Here’s what I like.



Like all fenders, installation never goes as smoothly as you anticipate.  So expect a good hour figuring it out, adjusting up and down, punching holes, and rigging zip ties to get everything set up just right.  But with that said, installation went pretty smooth.  This is what you’ll need on your frame to make it work optimally:

  • Eyelets to mount the stays to the frame
  • Mounts at the crown of the fork, bridge of the chain stays, and bridge of the seat stays to secure fenders to the frame

The P45’s use really cool rubber tips at the top of the stays that make up and down adjustment of the fenders easy and cover the tops of the stays to protect from potentially dangerous sharp edges.  All hardware is included, but I had to make some adjustments.  Zip ties were used to secure the front fender because the included bolt was too short for my fork crown, and had to melt a hole through the rear fender to secure it to the bridge at the seat stays – the mount on my frame was at the underside of the bridge, rather than through the rear which SKS provides for.


These fenders are SOLID.  The stays are dependable yet flexible, making them hold the fender well but also take well to road vibration.  The plastic fender is super stiff, so once its installed correctly you don’t get any chatter.  And they added only a pound or so to the total weight of the bike.  I won’t race with them, but hey at that weight I could if I wanted!

The Ride

They do exactly what they need to!  Keeps water and gunk off me and nearly all of the bike.  It was my fault for riding on such a nasty road to get my chain all mudded up – even so, my frame and body was almost  completely mud free.  All in all it’s a light, sleek looking, wildly sturdy, and affordable fender set that will keep me riding through these wet months.  The P45’s are meant to handle up to 35mm tires, so for roadies take a look at the P35, and for mountain bikes, the P65.