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Ergon – Interbike 2012 (Video)

Friday, September 28th, 2012

If it’s a contact point between you and you’re bike, Ergon is on a mission to make the most comfortable connection possible. They spend a ton of time refining and developing components to help make you at one with your bike. And they’ve won many awards for it as well.


Ergon – Interbike 2011

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

We were welcomed to the Ergon booth by Albert with a high-five and he began to show us around. Ergon has always been known to bring comfort to us riders in great looking form and this year they continue their legacy. The newest addition to the Ergon line is the SM3 Saddle, co-designed with Selle Italia, it is sure to be the ultimate in comfort without sacrificing looks and weight. Their grips continue to be one of our top sellers, however all they underwent was slight name change to simplify the line. No need to change perfection.

Interbike 2010 Day 1

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

2010 Interbike Crowd Picture

It’s that time of year again, time for companies to bring out new products, for retailers to plan orders for next season and consumers to drool over all the latest in bicycle tech. We are taking the opportunity this year to educate ourselves on all the new products available, building relationships with our vendors, and looking for even more ways to help provide you with the very best customer service we can.

One way we hope to help is by providing info on new products that may be overlooked by other media outlets. Often times products are reviewed and highlighted simply because they are the high end, high dollar items, while the more popular second and third tier level components are passed over. While these might be the most exciting products, they simply are not the components that most of us ride and use. Less “exciting” products such as tools, tires, racks, panniers and lights are items that we all use are often gear we didn’t know existed or never considered the value it could bring to the cycling experience.

We hope you enjoy the info, photos and video that we’re gathering and look forward to continuing to assist you with the same sport we all love.