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Why I Ride Gravel

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

There’s been a lot of press recently about gravel road races, like Michigan’s own Barry Roubaix, and ever since I began to hear about them I wanted to learn more about their appeal. To take on the task, I picked up a copy of Rob Pulcipher’s Dirt Road Washtenaw and set out on the shortest route in the book. Before the 14-mile loop was over, I decided that I would ride all 17 routes in the book by the end of the season. Here’s five reasons why I was sold, and some tips for getting started with gravel yourself.


Salsa Warbird Ti Review and Test

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Meet the 2013 Salsa Warbird Ti

A few weeks ago, we got a chance to visit with Justin and Eric from Salsa Cycles, along with a few samples of their 2013 product lineup. While Salsa’s 2013 specs have been available online for some weeks now, it was great to meet these bikes in person.

The Warbird was no exception. Among the new lineup, the Warbird has been hotly discussed due to its unique, gravel-specific design and geometry. Available in two flavors — aluminum and titanium — each is offered as a frameset or a complete bike. In the couple of months since Salsa’s 2013 product info hit the web, we’ve seen that demand for Warbirds is high — this model will be in very short supply. (more…)

Salsa Cycles 2013 Preview @ Saddle Drive ’12

Monday, August 6th, 2012

To say that all eyes were on Salsa at Saddle Drive 2013 would be accurate, but it verges on understatement. With a booth that lined up like a midnight blockbuster showing, Saddle Drive participants were hungry to hit the trails and throw around the likes of Beargrease, El Mariachi Ti, and the Colossal — a few of the newest and (let’s be honest) sexiest additions to the Salsa line. (more…)