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Foundry Cycles – Interbike 2011

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

tf-_mg_4838 Foundry Cycles was introduced at Saddle Drive earlier this year, but stepped into the Vegas spotlight for its big stage debut at Interbike. A high quality, high performance, non-pretentious brand for those of us who dimply ride and ride hard. Designed around an ideal, Foundry is for those looking to ride without waving a flag of European designer trends and neon monstrosities that roll through the Tour de France. With a mantra of “It’s a tool, not a trophy”, it’s easy to know you’re not going to get hype and bull. The names of the bikes are indicative of the character they bring to the table. Upon first glance, most people see a no logos, no decals that scream “here I am”, but simply something built for a purpose. (more…)

Rock Shox – Interbike 2011

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
29er Forks

Rock Shox’s innovations continue to impress us year after year. This year they are introducing a few new carbon goodies, some new dampeners, and some new 29er forks. The 2011 Reba XX is being replaced by the SID XX, and the Reba will only go as high as an RLT model. The Reverb seatpost is getting a revamped threaded hose barb fitting to help keep the housing attached to the post.

Kenda / Maxxis MTB Tires – Interbike 2011

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Kenda 24Seven
Kenda and Maxxis have been staples around the shop and this year they continue to pile on the ammo. After seeing them at Interbike we’re really looking forward to a few of these showing up for testing. Check the gallery for more and below for a few that really caught our eye.

Optic Nerve – Interbike 2011

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

This year Optic Nerve introduces several new models in their Premium line and releases FIN Technology. Fin Technology creates hassle-free lens changing by using a tiny fin on the lens that fits into a corresponding slot in the frame. The Fin Technology is available on the Apex, Bender, Hermosa, Ominium, and the Axtionsuit.

Fox Racing Shocks – Interbike 2011

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Fox Adjustable Seatpost There are few brands that have their whole line dialed, polished and locked down like Fox Shox. And at Interbike this year we didn’t see any change in that. We looked at a few of the highlights that caught our eye with the help of their extra accommodating rep. (more…)

Schwalbe Tires – Interbike 2011

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Schwalbe has made major changes to their warehousing structure this year so we should be seeing better inventory availability from them. This is huge news since we saw such a great demand last year and were simply unable to meet all of it due to supply. They are also making some smart and exciting changes to popular models.

Schwalbe Hans Dampf

One of the big surprises to us was seeing the Racing Ralph pattern relabeled Rapid Rob. Confused? So were we until they explained the logic. The Racing Ralph still exists, but was upgraded heavily with double the number of transition knobs. They’re slightly smaller, but serve to lock up the turns with more confidence. The other change was to do away with the square pitting in the center of the lugs in exchange for a more flexible and grippy horizontal siping. The Racing Ralph also gets the same 127tpi casing as the Rocket Ron. Solid upgrades if you ask us! Don’t worry if you’re a die hard old school Ralpher, Schwalbe is keeping the tread around in the Rapid Rob with basic features and a steel bead. (more…)

Lezyne – Interbike 2011

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Lezyne = Bling, however that’s the second in line behind function. Lezyne’s Mark Mozart walked us around the booth showing us the changes for 2012. The biggest change to their pumps is their new chuck design. Lezyne also introduces a new line of lights that is sure to be a top competitor, featuring a 450 lumen light at only $110! Not happy to stop at with the trail tools, pumps and accessories they’re known for this year they showed us some cool new shop level tools like a pedal wrench made with wood, and an incredibly robust 3-way hex wrench with replaceable bits.

Random Bits and Cateye Accessories – Interbike 2011

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

We arrived at Interbike this season with a huge list of meetings set up, and a long list of products and companies to cover. What we didn’t expect was the weather. Cloudy skies and rainy weather in a usually sunny Las Vegas. Even more reason for us to spend some time in the convention hall bringing you some new goodies.