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Cabin Fever

Monday, February 7th, 2011

The snow has been piling down in these parts over the past week – it came down so heavy that UPS couldn’t even ship any of our packages last Wednesday.  Don’t get me wrong, the CX skiing has been fantastic, but most of us here are itching for dirt and can’t wait to ride a bicycle in the woods.  Until then, studded tires it is.

We recently got a big batch of the new Maxxis Ikon 29er tires (and 26 inch here), and I can’t wait to try them out.  Low knobs on the center and sides for fast rolling, but widely spaced for superior grip that won’t get packed up. It’s a tease seeing these tires hanging on the wall when there is two feet of snow out there. 

The Ikons will be replacing my Kenda Small Block 8’s this spring when racing season comes around.  Expect a hefty review on them around then.  But until things warm up and dry up, studded tires it is.


We’re pumped about the Ragin’ Raisin Dirt Classic.  A brand new race for 2011, the Ragin’ Raisin is east Michigan’s premier dirt road race. Use any bike you want on this killer course that tours Manchester’s unique and occasionally treacherous dirt roads. 

For dates, rates, and info check out, and keep looking back at our blog for updates.


And last (and probably least), something from the youtube vault. This may be “old” news, but funny news never gets old.  Enjoy.

Thanks and More Thanks

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

This post is a conglomerate of sorts.  Think of it as three posts condensed into one (actually more like three posts that were just too short to post on their own…).

Blog Props

First off we’d like to give a huge thanks to our friend James over at GTWORT (Get to Work or Die Tryin’), who visited our shop location a couple weeks back and posted up a killer review of what he found.  He’s a really cool guy from LA and we were pumped to have him come by.  Check out his write up and awesome photography here.  Also, a big thanks to Snow Biker Chicago and More to Life than Bikes for your support as well.  You guys rock – thanks for keeping us afloat.

USA Today gave us a shout as well, which is downright awesome.  They’ve been covering the manufacturer pricing policies that have started a massive takeover of the entire retail industry, and featured us as one of the companies effected by, and able to overcome, these policies that favor big business, retail giants, and big-box stores.  Check that story and video out here.