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Velocity USA – Interbike 2012 (Video)

Friday, September 28th, 2012

If you research Velocity, it’s hard to find poor reviews. They make quality products, in an array of options, offer complete wheels and wheel components and have pretty good availability. One thing that often get’s left out and that we like to point out, is that the company makes their rims in the U.S. Their headquarters are  but a mere two hour drive from us and they moved their manufacturing to Florida earlier this year. What more could you ask for!


White Industries – Interbike 2012

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

White Industires 11-speed hubs

New for 2013, White Industries has created the T11 hub. It’s a all new hub body design which looks a bit different from previous offerings, but it retains the same internals we’ve all come to love. The freehub body is titanium and compatible with the new 11-speed standard. Despite the freehub body being longer in length, they managed to keep the weight the same as previous models with a little extra machining. These hubs are backwards compatibable with 8/9/10 speed systems and will be offered in Shimano or Campy styles. Still made in the US, it’s clearly labeled with CNC machined labeling to show your national pride. They are set to come in the standard black and polished silver. (more…)

White Industries Pedals – Urban Platform

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Urban Platform Pedal These White Industries Pedals are a simple design inspired by classic designs of the past with modern materials. These are a strong and durable pedal that will take the beating of any urban environment. The wide platform can be combined with a number of toe clips, although a double strap system is recommended.

Machined from lightweight aluminum, the White Ind. Urban Pedals feature a tapered stainless steel spindle and replaceable cartridge bearings. Not only do they look good, they only weigh in at 322 grams and are made in USA. What more could you want?

Available in silver or black, they’ll finish off any urban bike build with class and style. This is evident with the inclusion of the bronze acorn nut. Mount them up and ride on our urban loving friends. Click here for more product info.